There is a simple joy found in riding this elegant bicycle. The Charleston is a modern day road bike built on a vintage Raleigh frame. It is as well placed hanging on your living room wall as a fine piece of art. But its true beauty is found under foot blasting through city streets or down back country roads. The long rake of the front fork, combined with 28" Westwood wheels, allow for a smooth, non-jarring ride no matter the condition of the surface.

Unlike many of today's manufacturers that borrow from the bike designs of old to reproduce that vintage feel, The Charleston is built on the original frame from the 60’s and 70’s. There will be only 20 bicycles produced called "The Charleston" to be sold to the public.

The Charleston, by Brothers Rich. Hold on tight and let go.

The Charleston - Bicycle

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  • Materials-

    Vintage Raleigh DL-1 Frame with all new components

    Bike Dimensions- Length 6'2" | Height: 24"


    ReMade in the Charleston, SC


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