A collabortion between us Rich brothers and the Bray brothers of Billykirk - these valets are embossed with Charleston South Carolina's City Seal. The city I was born and Brothers Rich calls home.

Made with natural, vegetable tanned leather, our molded trays will quickly begin developing a unique patina. UV rays from sunlight slowly tan the leather, while oil from your hands slowly darken places touched, adding shine and polish. Perfect for storing your daily essentials, the tray's patina becomes a reflection of its owner

Leather Valet

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Materials-

    US Sourced Vegetable Tanned


    8 ounce


    Width: 4.5" | Height: 7 3/4"


    Hand stamped, edged and heat branded 

    Made in the USA


(843) 718-8811

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